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This is Kalvasta

Kalvasta is a full-service construction company. We build industrial and commercial projects for Lithuanian and foreign investors and implement infrastructure projects. In addition, we have a timber construction business and manufacture steel products for industrial construction and the Swedish mining industry. We do business in Lithuania, Latvia, and Sweden.

Kalvasta has seen stable growth over the past 14 years. In 2022, our companies reached sales of EUR 36 million. We aim to increase this to EUR 42 million in 2023. Currently, our strong team consists of 200 employees.

Since its establishment, Kalvasta has completed over 15 industrial and commercial projects, covering more than 230,000 sq m. The combined value of these constructions exceeds EUR 130 million.



Kalvasta started its business in 2009.


2022 group sales totaled EUR 36 million.


The company has completed projects worth EUR 130 million.


Kalvasta currently employs 200 people.

Kalvasta Statyba provides construction services to clients in Lithuania: it builds industrial and commercial facilities for Lithuanian and foreign investors and implements infrastructure projects.

Kalvasta Būve provides construction services to clients in Latvia: it builds industrial and commercial facilities for Latvian and foreign investors.

Kalvasta Būve

In Sweden, we acquired Mefab, a local steel supplier and assembler for the mining industry in the northern Gällivare Municipality. We plan to develop Mefab into a construction and timber construction company that will serve both private and public clients in the region.

Kalvasta Mefab

Kalvasta Timber is a full-service timber construction company. We offer property developers and investors a complete service package, which includes concept development, design, engineering, efficient fabrication, and skillful assembly of timber elements.

We handle everything from start to finish. We have our own factory and construction company, which means we can work fast and smart. Our factory makes top-notch CLT panels and Glulam beams and columns.

We love wood, the world’s most sustainable, innovative, and flexible building material.

Kalvasta Steel is a medium-sized steel production company. We specialize in producing steel structures for industrial, commercial, and residential construction. We offer our products and assembly services in Lithuania, Latvia, and Sweden. Additionally, we process smart steel products for the Swedish mining industry.

Join us

Our employees are the most valuable asset at Kalvasta. Therefore, our HR strategy is designed to attract, develop, and retain the best talent. This strategy is rooted in our company’s values, which are committed to creating sustainable workplaces and fostering employee satisfaction and motivation.

We are successfully expanding our operations and are constantly seeking talented and ambitious construction professionals to join our team. Contact us!

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Kalvasta Karjera


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