UAB “Kalvasta Steel” is the company that produces the highest quality metal products for industrial construction. The modern company meets high ISO standards and manufactures various industrial metal structures for building construction, oil refineries, and freight companies. The company manufactures such products as steel tanks, cement handling terminals, metal structures for residential or industrial buildings.

The priority of UAB “Kalvasta Steel” is the quality. The quality determines the company’s reputation, so “Kalvasta Steel” always strives to ensure that the quality of products and services meet the needs of even the most demanding customers, during the implementation of the most complex projects.

“Kalvasta Steel” works in a modern and responsible way, as well as in accordance with the values that ensure sustainability and durability:

it buys environmentally friendly services and goods: cleaning products, office supplies, cleaning and accommodation services;

it buys raw materials from recyclable materials;

it buys goods in larger quantities and in larger packages, thus reducing packaging waste;

it cooperates with suppliers whose products are produced using renewable energy sources.

The team is based on welders and locksmiths, careful assemblers and professional installers with many years of experience. The company’s experienced specialists are involved in large and significant construction projects: they manufacture, supply and install industrial, construction and technological metal structures.


We are timeless and open to new ideas, so we not only practice traditional methods of processing and manufacturing metal structures, but also look for new and innovative ideas that are relevant to rapidly evolving construction technologies. We believe in our activities and team, so we guarantee the certified quality of work and their safety, because even the most sophisticated and impressive buildings start not only from the foundations, but also from high-quality structures.