You do not have to know the intricacies of civil engineering and design. UAB “Kalvasta” – the experienced contractors and general contracting experts will help you not only to implement a high-quality construction project, but also to save time and money.

General contracting covers a very wide range of responsibilities: design preparation, execution of construction works, process management, ordering and delivery of raw materials, organization of permits, quality control, preparation of documents. This is only a small part of the work that UAB “Kalvasta” will do for you. The company’s experience, professional team and wide network of partners lead to faster results and lower costs. 

The entire “Kalvasta Group” is lined up behind the company UAB “Kalvasta”, therefore, UAB “Kalvasta” can offer its customers a wide range of services “from one source”. This ensures smoother cooperation and faster execution of the construction project. 

The team consists of experienced construction engineers and other specialists who spare no time or effort. UAB “Kalvasta” guarantees that every question will be answered, as well as the most effective solution will be found for each project and situation.

UAB “Kalvasta” general contracting: everything “from one source”:

  • Construction design preparation.
  • Consultations on civil engineering issues.
  • Execution and management of construction works.
  • Production and supply of metal structures.
  • Supply of premium concrete.
  • Production and supply of windows, doors, sliding systems, facades and other structures.
  • Design works of HVAC, water supply and sewerage engineering systems. 
  • Installation of roof structures.
  • Industrial floor and monolithic structures services.
  • Construction of residential buildings.
  • Construction of industrial buildings.
  • Construction of commercial buildings.


The priority of UAB “Kalvasta” is the quality, therefore, we make sure that our subsidiaries provide the premium metal structures and the highest quality concrete for construction sites. We also provide production services for windows, doors, sliding systems, facades and other structures: we select the most suitable glass packages with the desired type of glass according to the customer’s needs, we use the most reliable brands of hardware for the production of high-quality doors and windows. We take care of engineering HVAC, water supply and sewerage systems and perform their design work. Our subsidiaries also provide installation services for industrial floors and monolithic structures, and install roof structures. The architectural or construction dreams entrusted to our company become a reality that not only meets your expectations, but also meets the adequate price and quality ratio.