“Kalvasta Group” is an experienced, professional group of companies. The current success of the group of companies is determined by the knowledge of the best work practices and the ability to find the most effective solutions for each individual situation.

The purpose of “Kalvasta Group” is to manage the activities of all subsidiaries professionally and thus ensure the highest quality construction design and construction project implementation services. In addition, “Kalvasta Group” implements investment projects and strategic development in the Baltic States and Eastern Europe.

In order to achieve the best results, the group of companies “Kalvasta Group” is actively looking for new, reliable partners that ensure the highest quality standards and builds close working relationships based on mutual trust and responsibility. The partnership based on these values allows us to provide services that guarantee quality and durability.

“Kalvasta Group” uses innovative and modern tools both in the management of the Group’s activities and in the preparation or execution of individual construction projects to implement the projects as quickly and fluently as possible. Innovation and technological progress are the key to a smooth, high-quality construction planning and implementation process.


The goals of the company are to search for new markets, manage the subsidiaries effectively, advise the managers of subsidiaries on administrative, financial and business management issues, and ensure high quality requirements. The company maintains close contacts with partners and customers in the Baltics and other Eastern European countries, constantly seeks new contacts and partners at various business events, exhibitions, conferences, through various associations and state organizations. “Kalvasta Group” is an advanced and modern company. We work by using reliable and advanced technologies and business practices. Innovative solutions lead to higher quality of work and a higher level of customer confidence in all group companies.